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H75 killing my GTX 980 Ti ?


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I built my rig using 6700K and 2 GTX 980 Ti (from ASUS and Zotac respectively). I purchased the Zotac AMP edition because it can be coupled with Corsair HG N980 bracket and the CPU water cooler. I know the heat produced 2 GTX 980 Ti in a mid tower case is no joke, but that's why i went for water cooling.


To share with you, when my cards are overclocked amd cooled by the stock fans, i saw the tenperature reach 83 degree threshold easily and fans spinning at 90% of maximum speed. It's not easy to strike balance between noise, performance and temp.


I knew something could go wrong because I was new to water cooling and i naively thought all in one was a safer bet than custom water loop. When I finished installing HG N980 and H75 on my Zotac card, i was very happy the first day as I saw temp hovering around 60-70 degree in demanding games like Witcher 3 and Rise of the tomb raider in 4K.


To my heartbreaking surprise, my Zotac card died because of overheating the next day. Before I could take any action, i saw the card temp rise by around 10 degree by second. I saw fall of my GTX 980 Ti during Rise of Tomb Raider. In less than 2 seconds, my card overheated and could boot since. For crying out loud, what sort of failure would bring up the temp by 10 degree a second !!!?? I heard good things about the the MSI seahawk and so decided to do the same myself.


I sent the card for repairment and just got it back after almost one month. The ASIC quality dropped all the way from 75% to 62%. I tried to find out the reason for such failure, i had guessed the failure was due to the very thin pipe of H75 touching the super hot backplate of my other ASUS card and led to the cooling failure. So, i installed the H75 again on my reborn Zotac card very carefully and did the test, in one test, the temp jumped yet again erratically but I managed to shut it down in time. Otherwise, i might have sent the card for maintenance again.


Since i still couldn't figure out what went wrong and i dared not do the H75 water cooling again. As long as I am willing to take off the side panel of my case and endure the noise of fan, my cards are safe for now even under the most stressful envirnment.


Could someone analyze my case and give me some insight into the failure?

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