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K95 SCROLL/CAPS and NUM LCK leds failing


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I have had my K95 for 2 days now and a lot of problems.


One problem that is annoying is that the CAPS LOCK (and the other indicators for NUM LCK and SCROLL LCK) often do not work. Currently the CAPS LOCK led is on, and it never turns off. The CAPS lock function itself works ok - pressing the Caps Lock button triggers the colour change I have on it, plus it actually puts the keyboard into Caps mode.


So it all works - except the led indicators do not. I am assuming that the other two toggles are the same. (ie they work, just the leds are stuffed).


This has happened a number of times (and this is only my second day!). As far as I can see, the only way to fix the problem is to reboot the computer. I guess I could also remove the keyboard USB lead, but it is hard to get to.


Any suggestions?

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I have the RGB model.


The BIOS/polling switch was out of bounds. I used this on the first day, and the keyboard was stuffed for ages. Was about to pack it up and take it back to the retailer. But it came good all by itself, but was afraid to touch the damn switch again after that.


Since then I have become more adventurous and now the polling switch just seems to be a soft reset. No more dead keyboard, but still something wrong there I am guessing. Still a bit weird the way the polling switch works (it stuffs up user profiles, for one), but I now know to use that (and switch back) as a basic reset switch.


After the first 2 days, have not had a problem. Corsair wanted me to send it back (to the USA) - what laugh! Simply not worth the money and months of out of action.


If the keyboard keeps working the way it is today, then I will be happy enough. The CAPS Lock key is still poorly placed, but I disabled it, so not a problem.


Pretty unhappy with the cost/is it worth it ratio, but what is money after all? Hopefully my next keyboard will be a bit better quality.

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