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Watercooling in Carbide Air 540


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Hi, I am going to build myself a PC for the first time in a couple of months, I've pretty much landed on the build but I am wondering if the Air 540 has enough room for fans on both the top and bottom of a H110i GT CPU water cooler at the same time without causing problems with the motherboard (Standard ATX) or any other components in the case.

Thank you for answers in advance. :)

If you don't understand what I mean please tell me to explain further as english is not my native language.

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It is possible, but I wouldn't necessarily advise it. First, you may run into some motherboard specific issues -- namely the rear plastic I/O cover or top 8 pin connector on some boards. You could get a board that has neither, but there are some other reasons not to double up on the 280mm radiator.


1) You don't need push-pull on any of these 280mm radiators regardless of CPU and overclock. Obviously it won't move any more air at max speeds. At the low end, I can keep a 5820k at 4.5GHz uner 50C with nominal fan speeds in the 500-800 rpm range. Even with "weak" fans, I don't need anything past 800 rpm for moderate to high loads. I don't know what CPU you have planned, but it likely uses less watts than this and will fare better. The only reason I can think to use push-pull is if you are determined to use a thin blade fan, like an AF140.


2) You are going to block the top 25% of your rear exhaust fan. This is a bad trade. The H110i/GT/GTX/H115i models are thicker than they appear on the specification sheet. The actual casing is more like 30mm and the hose insertions and end caps take up more space than previous Corsair coolers. This thread shows a GTX/H115i design inside a 540, but the issue is more or less the same. Hoses will need to go to the front and that gap between the rear 140mm and the radiator/fans is quite small. It also should give you a glimpse of potential complications with the top of the motherboard.

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