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H100i GTX - Removing standoff from backplate


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Hi there,


I recently installed a Hydro Series H100i GTX onto my motherboard. I'm now attempting to temporarily remove it from the motherboard as I'm troubleshooting some (unrelated) issues.


The mounting bracket comes off no problem and in theory I should just be able to unscrew the four standoffs to remove them from the backplate, at which point I could actually remove the backplate itself.


This works perfectly fine for two of the standoffs. I unscrew them and they detach from the backplate no problem.


However, for the other two, unscrewing them does *not* remove them from the backplate. When I turn it counter-clockwise rather than it start to unscrew it instead seems to turn in a circle without actually coming out of the hole. When completing a rotation it sorta clicks, so I have a feeling that maybe it's ended up miss-threaded or something inside the backplate.


I tried to apply a little bit of pressure from the backplate towards the standoff when trying to unscrew it to set it free, but that doesn't seem to have had any effect.


When installing it I don't recall anything weird about the way they were screwed into the backplate, all four standoffs went in nice and easily, so I've got no idea why it worked for two and the other two didn't.


So, I've now got the backplate and two standoffs permanently attached to the motherboard making it impossible to install any other kind of cooler.


I'm obviously cautious of what I'm doing here because I don't want to totally destroy my motherboard in the process of trying to get it off.


Anyone got any ideas as to what cause it to unscrew the standdofs?

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Alright, I decided to get a little more aggressive. I took a large adjustable spanner to it and used a fair degree of force, and managed to get them out.


I'm still a little confused how they got into that state - but never mind. Problem resolved.


Thanks all :)

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