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Air 240 and water cooling


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I have this case and already have a H100 cooer for the cpu. Now I find I would like to add cooling for the GPU, GTX 980 Ti.


The H100 is fitted to the front of the case so no room there.


There is already a 120mm fan at the top of the case.


So where do I fit a cooler for the GPU


Could I change the H100 for a single rad, the CPU is a Intel 5280k running at 4.2 MHz. Maybe the H100 was overkill?


If I replace the H100 for a single rad at the front is there enough room for another single rad also at the front?

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I don't think you will be able to put two single rads in the front. The radiators are larger than the fan and between the frame and the hose insertions. It might be possible if you staggered the front set-up --- case/fan/radiator and case/radiator/fan. However, I would caution you a little about to going to a single radiator on the 5820k. Most everyone I know who has tried it, has had some regrets. What about a single radiator exhaust in the rear roof section for the GPU?
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