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Shouild I go through my retailers warranty or RMA?


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My M65 (CH-9000070-EU) middle click button has become so hard to trigger that I just can't stand it anymore and I'd like to get it fixed or replaced with a new unit. I have to press really hard to trigger it, and it's not consistent at all, especially if holding it down.


My question is, should I just go through my retailers warranty, or use Corsairs RMA process? My retailer quoted 2-3 weeks for a replacement if they confirmed there was a problem with the mouse. How long would it take through RMA? Does Corsair provide shipping labels (EU)?



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A typical RMA should usually take around 2 weeks maximum, although this can vary as it mostly depends on how fast Corsair receives your faulty mouse.


No, Corsair usually do not provide pre-paid shipping labels though it doesn't hurt to ask and see if they can give you one.


Corsair's warranty info can be found here;


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