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K95 - Direct Macro Binding?


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I was wondering if there was a way to directly macro the G keys in games or certain programs as that's the entire reason I got this keyboard..


Having to bind it to a key on the keyboard and then binding the macro to that key is making me run out of keys to use..

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Hi CarterDavison,


1 - Press "MR"

2 - Press a G-key

3 - Perform macro (Note: delays will also be recorded)

4 - Press "MR"


The K95 has 18 G-keys to assign and you can also switch modes by pressing the M1, M2, and M3 keys. This should give you a total of 54 live-programmable macros to record and use all without alt-tabbing out of game.


I hope I understood you clearly and helped you. The K95 RGB can do this too (it's why its better than the K70).

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