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Failed Blue LED


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Appears I have a failed Blue LED on my 5 key. I noticed it today when the color did not match. When I turned all keys white it turns Yellow and when all keys are blue it is dark. Red and Green work fine.


I am using windows 10 and the most recent verion of CUE. 1.16.42.


Things I have tried already:

Rebooting = No help

Switching profiles to try and wake it up = No help

Switching USB ports = No help

Uninstalling/Reinstalling CUE =No help

Reinstalling and sticking with the older CUE version. 1.16.36 =No help

Force updating firmware. = No help


Any advice or help appreciated. Pics below.


Picture of the key when it should be white.



Picture of the key when it should be blue


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