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Question about painted H110i GT warranty.


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I'm about to buy a slightly used H110i GT with 4+ years of warranty.

However, the current owner of the AIO decided to paint the frames of the radiator white. The paint job seems neatly done; only the black frames of the radiator are painted and there's no paint on the radiator itself. The unit hasn't been opened or modded in any other way and works perfectly.


Would this void the warranty of the cooler?

This would be my first AIO ever and I want it to have valid warranty in case of any future problems.

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The possible RMA would go first to the reseller, where the product was originally bought from. Per Finnish laws the warranty is for the product and is not tied to the owner. Of course the reseller might void the warranty based on the paintjob, but I'm asking for Corsair's stance on this issue.


Just disregard the part about it being used, would painting the radiator frame void the warranty if it was done by me on a new AIO?

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