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This is a the profile I made after getting my K70 the same day. This is my first time making a profile so it took me awhile to learn how the software worked.


There are 2 modes in this profile:


One just has all the keys that you will use lit up along with some special effects for some of the key groups. Different groups are in separate colors so you can tell the difference out of the corner of your eye. This is for those who just want colored keys for the ones that they actually use.


The second mode is the same exact layout except all of the unused keys now have a slowly changing rainbow effect. I have kept the color changes slow so that it's not distracting but is still noticeable. This is for those who do not like have their keyboard to be blacked-out.


Please read the profile description once you download this so you know what in-game key bindings I have changed. Otherwise you may be confused as to why I have the letter 'U' colored green. Most of the keys are still the default bindings for WoT but I have changed some to fit my preferences more.


If you like this profile, please let me know. If you hate it, please let me know and why. I can't make any changes if I don't know what is wrong.

WoT and Chill.prf

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