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Hello, I am currently thinking about upgrading my system from Amd to Intel.

My current setup is

-Amd fx 8150

-Msi 990fxa gd80v2

-8gb (2x4gb) corsair memory

-Sapphire R9 390


I am looking at upgrading to

-I5 6600k

-EVGA z170 FTW

-Adata 64gb ssd(windows 7 install)

-Corsair DDR4 16gb (2x8gb) memory

-same gpu


Would I get any increase in performance? On Tomshardware people were saying the 8150 bottlenecks the R9 390. In Fallout 4 I get an average of 40-45fps, and in Cs:Go I am getting 150fps average, sometimes it doesnt even get there so I cant utilize my 144hz monitor while playing. If I could get some help out on if this would be a wise investment from 4 year old hardware to current hardware it would be great.

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The i5 6600K will not disappoint! My current setup is a 6600k and GTX 980Ti and it runs everything I've thrown at it @2560x1440. Crysis 3 runs a steady 60fps with everything maxed, The Division also maxed pushing 60fps.

You won't be disappointed and the i5 will not bottleneck any current GPU and probably won't for a few years or so.

My brother has a similar AMD CPU and also has issues with Fallout 4...the game seems pretty dependant on CPU and RAM. I do not have these problems with it on my system.

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Thank you, when I first got my system almost 4 years ago it ran like a champ with the 8150 and a 7970, but it is a 4 year old chip, and I just dont think it can use the r9 930 like it needs to, thanks for the input though, save me the stress of overthinking it and spending money on a 6700k when I dont even need it.
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