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Firmware Update won't work [STRAFE Keyboard]


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I have recently purchased the STRAFE keyboard (non rgb edition) and I keep getting a pop up to update my firmware.


Current firmware version: 1.27

Bootloader version: 0.14


Update version: 1.33


Whenever I try to install said update, it fails. After it fails the software won't recognize my keyboard unless I restart it. I thought maybe a program update would fix it, but here I am after installing today's update (1.16.42) and the problem is not fixed. The program mentions that I should "force update" but that option is nowhere to be found.


Could I get any help with this? Perhaps a link to the .bin file to try manually?

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Well, thankfully I found a solution shortly after. This thread here:




Has a list of the .bin files. There is version 1.30 for my keyboard, which is newer than 1.27 so I thought I'll give it a try. It installed without problems, and once it did, it updated from 1.30 to 1.33 without problems at all.


So, to Corsair devs: Somehow updating from version 1.27 to version 1.33 doesn't work. Maybe you want to take a look at this.


I hope this helps anyone that is having the same problem.

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