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CUE v1.16.42 causing blue screen errors

Bill Bentgen

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Since upgrading to CUE v1.16.42 I've been getting the blue screen of death with PFN_LIST_CORRUPT, DRIVER_OVERRAN_STACK_BUFFER, and MEMORY_MANAGEMENT errors.


No problems prior to the upgrade. Disabling CUE fixes the problem. Anyone else having this problem?


Rampage IV Extreme

3930K not overclocked

64 GB DDR3 Ram

2 x GTX 690 in Quad SLI

Windows 10 64 bit

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Thanks for the help offer. The problem wasn't the CUE software. After a lot of digging I figured out the crashes were because I was trying to control PWM fans from my motherboard and found out only the PSU fan connection on my motherboard is PWM and the rest aren't. When I disconnected all of the fans from the motherboard, the problem went away. Apparently the Rampage V extreme gives the option for all PWM fans. I've ordered a Corsair Link Commander to control the fans.
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