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Loss in F1-F12 key function


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Evening everyone. So, I just received my Corsair Strafe RGB in the mail today and it's an amazing keyboard and all but, I don't think I'm the only one that has had this problem.


So the run down is that with the CUE software running the basic functions of F1 and F12 keys have stopped working. Although the multimedia shortcuts on F5, F7-F12 work without pressing the FN key, which seems weird. I have discovered that without the software running the basic functions of F1-F12 keys work. For example, F5 for refresh webpage works when software is not running but, when the software runs it just mutes my volume... So, pretty basic knowledge that the software overrides default function for the keys.


I've probably over looked something in the software for a solution but, the last 2 hours I've looked around the forums for a solution that allows me to use the keys with CUE software. If there is a thread for this and someone can point me in that direction that'd be great; if there is not a solution sorry for wasting your time.

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Hahaha, it's 2am right now for me and I've figured it out sorry for the useless post.


But those that are possibly having the same problem, in CUE go to 'Assignments' tab and on each key remap the key for 'Typing Key' and 'Function Keys' and select corresponding F key.


At some point the profile I imported had F1-F12 unassigned.

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