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H100i not working, fans not spinning, no LED, high temps


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We built this system a few years back and the owner brought it in thinking it was their video card as the problem reported was that Diablo III was having issues with casting effects.


We threw it up on the bench, confirmed the issue, lowered the video settings to the lowest and still the game performed poorly. Thinking maybe something was overheating we threw up some monitoring apps and sure enough the CPU was > 100 C. Lucky guy, the CPU didn't burn out despite that he was regularly using it.


We cracked the chassis open and noticed the fans for the H100 weren't spinning and googling suggests the white Corsair logo should be lighting up (it's not).


We plugged the two rad fans into the motherboard headers and cranked the fans up to 100%. This didn't really help so the pump must be malfunctioning.


I switched the USB header the H100i is plugged into, that didn't help.


I tried a different USB cable for the H100i, that didn't help.


Is the pump shot and is there any cost effective solution for the owner? It's about 3 years old.

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May sound ridiculous but is the SATA cable from the pump plugged into your PSU?


Not ridiculous... brilliant!


Your post inspired me to recheck everything power.


Turns out the modular power supply connector at the power supply end was loose and the pump was the only item on that cable so even though the SATA cable was plugged in and seemingly okay. Even if the connection was easily visible (it wasn't) I don't believe anyone would have seen it as it wasn't visibly hanging out.


Thanks Fauxbeard, sometimes techies can look too deep into an issue and completely miss the obvious and if it wasn't for your inspiration I probably would have had someone pull the thing and replace it with a stock HSF.

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