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Strangely after downloading this I am unable to open the zip file!




Weird. I unblocked it and all. Perhaps the file isn't completely uploaded to the server or something.


Also, sometimes when clicking "Check for Updates" I get "You are running the latest version of the application." and others I get a message than at update is available...




- Kwaz

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but still wont run side by side with Aida64 :(


Corsair are almost there and it should be trivial for them to fix their code. I have already posted about what they should do.


In my initial testing when I exit CL4 it is sometimes still holding the lock which causes issues for other programs. Below you can see it counting up, 'till finally SIV detects CL4 has failed to release it and attempts to clean up the mess. When will CL4 be fixed to correctly use the Mutex I proposed a long time ago?
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