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My wireless VOID Fixed!!! for the most part May help you or may not


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First of all OMG! This is some screwed up software with this VOID. I've been having problems with surround sound along with stereo, mic, enhancements, crackling and disconnects when I walk away 10 feet or more just one thing after another all from one firmware update. Before that everything worked just perfectly. Even going back to an older firmware did not help, nothing would work. Though everything is still screwed up there may be some hope. This is what I did to make mine work.


Just FYI this is what I did and I'm so far please with the way it's working. I have Windows 10 but I'm sure if you have 7 or 8 this will work as well.This may or may not work for you. First let me tell you a few things you will need to download.



a) Select Gaming Headset

b) Download CUE 1.16.42 (upgrading from the older version to this screwed everything up for me)


This next one I got from a forum topic from "Corsair Chris" back in October.


a) Click Free Download

b) Click the big DOWNLOAD NOW

c) Watch ad and it downloads

d) Install program but WARNING shouldn't be spam and probably won't hurt if you miss it but thought I'd tell ya'll anyways. When the program opens on the bottom right uncheck install Advanced Systemcare so it won't install. The program works good I like it. This will delete any registries that the program installed. I'm keeping it :sunglasse


That should be it now down to the nitty gritty :naughty:

Also FYI if it tells you to restart DON'T. Every step taken may tell you to. Just say later. Try to update to firmware version 38.01 before all this but I don't think it will matter.


1) Uninstall Corsair Utility Engine using OI bit Uninstaller.


2) Now time to uninstall the drivers and probably the whole problem. When you uninstall CUE it says at one point that it is removing the driver but guess what it doesn't.

a) Press Windows key + x

b) Device Manager

c) Drop down Sound, video and game controllers

d) Right click Corsair VOID and uninstall


3) Install the new CUE 1.16.42 and Restart


4) Update firmware to 38.01 if you haven't already. It is probably best to have 38.01 installed before you do all of this but it may not matter.


5) Make the VOID headset your Default sound device. Also just in case you don't know how.

a) Go to bottom right corner of your screen and look for your speaker. Mine is alway visible so if not press the ^ symbol to access it.

b) Right-click and select Playback Devices

c) Select the VOID headset and press Set Default on bottom right.

d) Select the Recording tab up top and do the same.


Well that's it. This is my first tutorial if you want to call it that. The whole problem was the driver. If you were to uninstall the drivers with the new version of CUE a lot of the features wouldn't work. Updating CUE with the software instead of downloading it would also cause problems.


Before I did this my VOID was a paperweight. At 100% it sounded like it was at 10% and I had absolutely no surround sound. The mic would work when it wanted to. Disabling auto shutdown did not work. Every 3 minutes I would have to press a button or it would shut off.


Still three downsides to me. One my max distance from the dongle is 10 feet if that before it disconnects when it is rated for 40 feet. To me if something is rated at 40 feet it should go 50. That's what my Logitech G930 did actually it was rated at 40 and I could go to my garage outside through 8 walls and still have signal and that was probably over 50 feet but the sound sucked so bad and they broke :(:


Two the device doesn't auto shutdown anymore so don't forget to turn them off.


Three is in Playback Devices then the properties of the VOID there are no Enhancements. There is a way to get them back with the other downside of losing surround sound. Personally I want surround sound so I didn't do it. Just go to Device Manager and uninstall the drivers again and make sure to check the box that says " Delete the driver software for this device" You will then have Enhancements minus surround sound. If you don't delete the software drivers it won't work. With enhancements you can almost make it 25%+ louder. May need to restart your computer after it though. If you don't delete the software drivers it won't work.


Okay that's it out of me. Hope this helps someone. I haven't seen anyone post something like this except telling you to reinstall CUE which never worked cause it didn't delete the corrupted drivers. I just hope Corsair get their :wtfman: straight. They just had a CUE update after people had so many problems and it didn't fix anything. Here's hoping there will be a firmware update soon.

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