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Anyone still have Dataplex laying around?


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I had to rebuild after a miserable crash, and wasn't able to unregistrer/uninstall dataplex. Of course, the only version I have downloaded is 1.3.0 which tells me my serial is already in use.


I already miss it :(


Anyone have a copy of the newer version with the activation removed?



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Thanks everyone. I gave up looking, and tackled enabling Intels caching tech on my motherboard (z77). Had to change drive mode from AHCI to RAID, which worried me a bit right after a nice clean windows install, but Windows 10 handled it better than earlier versions (set to boot into safe mode, change BIOS settings, boot into safe mode, reboot, done).


I don't honeslty know if the intel stuff is as efficient as the nvelo software was, but it can be enabled and disabled from the desktop, which is nice.


FWIW, when I contacted the Samsung tech folks, they were total dicks. Wasn't our drive, isn't our problem. I honestly don't think they understood what I was telling them...that they bought the software that I needed to run my drive.


Oh well.


I will say, that as a demographic that is generally prone to packrat behaviour when it comes to downloads and drivers, I'm as surprised as anyone that none of us has a copy of this laying around :)

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I found a workaround, though it's not for the faint of heart.


I used the OCZ installer from here: http://www.cdrlabs.com/forums/nvelo-dataplex-final-release-support-sunset-t26173.html#p180582


I used a hex editor to edit the addfilter.exe file. I removed the string "OCZ-CACH" and replaced it with "Corsair ".


That allowed the software to install and function!

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Nicely done!


I snagged a copy of the OCZ software...will keep it safe in case I end up needing it again :)




Note that the version at that download link is not modified... You'll still need to manually hex edit the "addfilter.exe" file for the appropriate architecture (amd64 or i386).


I didn't figure that corsair would like me to upload the "patched" version here.

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