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650D Replacement Front IO


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Are there any Front IO parts kicking about for the Corsair 650D? I'd like to find somewhere (or someone) I can buy one from.


I'm looking for the the entire unit that resides behind the door on the front of the case. I also don't mind if it needs the pass-through for USB3 (did a version that didnt ever make it to market?)


I've been rocking this case since 2012, it's served me very well, and I think it deserves a bit of a spruce up.




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Hey Mark, the 650D is my favorite case all-time! I did like the almighty 800D, but the 650D I thought was better. This time last year I knew Corsair had already discontinued the 650D, despite Newegg still selling them. I actually had several arguments (or discussions) with Corsair employees last year on this very forum about them choosing not to support the case while new ones were actually still being sold. I went ahead and purchased more, I now have 6 total, so I can use a couple for spare parts. Sorry to say, this is the only way to get spare parts for this case. You will have to purchase a new an entire new or used case for spare parts now, even if your case is still under the 2 year warranty, of course your isn't!


If you search for the 650D here on Corsair's website, you find that a new one is for sale for the inflated price of $220. At this point, the inventory has been exhausted from everyone else and this is the ONLY place you can buy them brand new. However, Corsair no longer has any spare parts for them, as I found out last year around this time.


I built a new computer in January, with the 650D, and purchased the front I/O panel from the Obsidian Series 350D. I then swapped out the USB 3.0 cables so I can connect my front USB 3.0 ports to a 19-pin USB 3.0 header on my GIGABYTE motherboard. It worked very well!

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