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XP3200 + Twinx1024 3200XL -> problems (for me)


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Hi all,

(excuse my french)


my PC spefs :


A7N8X Deluxe Rev 2.0

AMD XP3200

Twinx1024 3200XL (2*512Mo)


PSU 500W



* When i set the CPU fsb to 166Mhz and the RAM to 100% : it runs perfectly (no bug in winXP) but my cpu runs as a XP2500+.

* When i set the CPU fsb to 200Mhz and the RAM to 100% : i've got some stability problems under WinXP (blue screens, freeze, games crash, etc)



* with CPU FSB 200Mhz & RAM 100% :

I tried to change the timing to 3-3-3-6 (instead of 2-2-2-5) : bugs.

I tried to increase a little the RAM voltage : bugs.

I changed the Video card and the MOBO (i bought a A7n8x-e deluxe) : bugs

I unplug all extension cards : bugs

I tried each memory module one by one : bugs

The CPU temperature is between 44°C & 49°C

The system temp is 27°C


* I tested my RAM with some diagnostic tools with CPU FSB 200Mhz & RAM 100% and then with CPU FSB 166Mhz & RAM 100% :

Memtest86 : no error dectected in "memory sizing : std" mode ... but a LOOOTTTT of errors in "memory sizing : All Bios" mode.

I dont know if it's normal ...



The only 2 elements that i'm not sure are : the CPU and the Twinx1024-3200XL


Help me please :(:




EDIT : seemingly, getting a lot of errors in the memtest mode "memory size - All Bios" was normal : i saw that memtest wanted to test 4Gb of memory (but, i've only got 1Gb). SO, the problem may come from the CPU.

I'll give you some news when i get a new CPU.



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You just swapped the MOBO?

If so, make sure the FSB jumper is set on the right pins.

If the CPU is running at the right speed, either one of these boards should run the RAM at the rated SPD with no problems.

You could try bumping up the Dimm voltage.

Not past 2.9 though.



i said earlier that i did EVERYTHING (really everything) possible.


INFO : the CPU is a AMD 3200+ OEM


NEWS => i went to the shop to change the CPU ... the retailer tried the CPU and WINXP crash !! He wanted to send the CPU to amd and he didn't want to give me another CPU ... but i made him change his opinion .

He gave me 1 CPU and he tried it in front of me : PC didn't boot!

He gave me a second CPU : PC didn't boot to !!!

He gave me a third CPU and now, it runs perfect !

The CPU had different colors, i suppose there were from different series.


CONCLUSION : don't waste your time with an Athlon XP 3200+ OEM ... buy a "BOX" or a A64 ...


i'm sorry for didn't trust in ASUS & Corsair efficiency ...

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