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K70 Link brightness between modes?


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First time poster (also first time dabbling in CUE). So far I´m really happy with my K70 RGB, however, CUE seems a bit... dense? Not the most user friendly program tbh.


Anyways, to my problem. I would like some keys to light up in another color when pressing a modifier key.


Example; My keyboard is blue, when I press Shift I want keys 1-6 to light up in red. I currently use Mode Switching, but I ran into a problem. The background keys (blue) are set to 100% brightness in both modes, but if I lower the brightness in Default mode, the Shift mode is still at 100% creating an irritating flicker. Is there a solution to this? I use the quick brightness toggle quite often, and I would like all modes in a profile to slave their brightness to the Default mode.



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