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ASUS Rampage V Extreme Memory?


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Hi Folks,


I am considering a new build based upon the Rampage V Extreme. The memory finder app on the Corsair website does not appear to list any compatible memory for this board.


Are there any recommendations that you may have that are known to work well with this board? I am considering no more than 64GB and possibly 32GB.


Thanks much!



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I am not sure what's going on with the memory finder. The Rampage V is on the shortcut menu, but that quick link brings back a single 2400 kit. Use the Asus QVL list, although as is often the case it's 6 months out of date and most of the more recent 32 and 64GB kits are not there. A Rampage V should be able to run just about every quad channel Corsair DDR4 kit, although you do need to be a little careful with 32GB speeds and very careful selecting 64GB. There is a definite limitation in frequency at 64GB. Make sure you need it.
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