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New CUE v1.16.42 available for download


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Any notes on what changed? I just recently purchased a K70


/edit NM found patch notes within the download


CUE 1.16.42 is the latest release for our RGB line of peripherals and contains a multitude of changes and enhancements.

Fixes / Improvements

 Resolved an issue with Discord and our Dolby drivers. Please restart your system after the update for this to be applied.

 Resolved an intermittent issue with system wake-up and CUE.

 Windows 10 Certificate has been updated for recent changes to compliance.

 Mouse cursor will now properly disappear when VLC is in full screen mode.

 Resolved other minor bugs and issues.

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Take care: After downloading the update, my audio stopped working. One of the Windows Audio services could not be started, because the "endpoint was doubled". After uninstalling the CUE software everything works like a charm again. I guess they messed something up with the latest update.


If you tend to have a similar mainboard (I've got a Gigabyte Z170X UD3) take care.

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As an update to my previous post here, my issue still isn't fixed. It went a few days perfectly fine but just now I tried changing between DPI modes on my Corsair Katar mouse & it refused to respond. I had to change the polling rate which basically just turns the mouse off & on for it to work again.
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