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H2100 Headset volume control causing issue.

Mister Timbo

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Every time I am playing audio through the headset, if i try to use the volume control on the headset itself then it causes windows to briefly switch the audio back to speakers and make it the default device, before the audio then returns to the headset. It may do this three or four time depending on how much I increased the volume.


I can increase the volume via the desktop audio control no problem but if i use the headset. Problems.


Anyone know of a solution or if this is a known problem?


Many thanks

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Update: I have changed the USB slot i'm using and now it seems to work just fine :)


Appreciate your advice, it's always something so bloody simple :)


Not sure why it only works in that particular duo of USB inputs? Could ig be something to do with 2.0 or 3.0 usb ?

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