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Thermal paste for Corsair H100i GTX


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Hey guys,


So I recently installed a Corsair H100i GTX cooler inside my Corsair Spec 03. I screwed up the installation somewhat, so my temps are on the higher side. At 4.4GHz and full load, my 6600K reaches temps of as high as 71c.


I had to reseat the cooler quite a few times due to which I'm sure the thermal paste is not doing its job properly.


So, I was looking to reseat the cooler and I'm looking for some thermal paste recommendations. From what I read, Shin Etsu thermal paste is recommended, but that thermal paste is not available in my country (India). How about the Cooler Master Maker Nano Gel?

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No requirement to use the Shin-Etsu. That's just what is shipped on the coolers. I hadn't been paying attention and this is the first I have heard of the CM Nano Gel. The quick review I read was favorable and it is on par with the Gelid-X and NT-H1 I normally use. It should be just fine. I suspect it is slightly more viscous than your typical TIM, much like the GELID-X. This can be a little tricky to work with and it either requires spreading or faith in your ability to evenly tighten the pump and a controlled burn on first use.


Most any TIM will be just fine. There are no super gains to be made here. If you really don't like doing this stuff or are really bad with arts & crafts, pick something that is less viscous like the NT-H1 (or many other products). Skill in application usually trumps chemical composition.

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