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Newbie question please help


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Hello all,


I am sure this is very simple and I am just missing something, but i just want to figure out to have all my keys stay solid with no wierd effects.


Ideally my aswd keys would be a bit brighter but that is not a deal breaker. Right now I got all the keys to stay solid... not sure how to be honest. BUT my aswd keys are slowing going up in brightness then back down to off then back up... and so forth.


Please help I just want them to stay lit at one brightness


Thank you in advance


Edit: I have the corsair strafe non RGB

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Might be something to do with the default profile. Create a new profile and see if that changes anything or delete the arrow keys group from the lighting tab and see that changes anything as well.


Thank you so much for the solution. I deleted the aswd key group and now have the very basic config I wanted. I very much appreciated the assistance

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