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RM450 Fan always on, <20% load suggestions?


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Think I'll need to RMA this one, any suggestions before I do:

1) Need software tool to get real power readings (can't find power draw of tuner card, Hauppauge HVR-1600 (PCI), but it's not even warm.

2) Specs: ASrock H97, i3-4160 stock fan, 8Gb DDR-3 RAM, 128Gb SSD, BD writer, HVR-1600 (tuner card), using onboard video, 2 (120mm) case fans.

RM450 shouldn't be running the fan <20% load. Fan is always on, and too noisy for my HTPC. About to replace the CPU fan with a (much quieter) Silverstone Tek low-profile CPU cooler, but can't hear that outside the case over the noise of the PSU fan (mounted in a Silverstone GD-04S case), this should be pretty quiet, it's not.

I unplugged everything I could, leaving only the CPU fan, SSD, and Hauppauge Tuner card... fan still runs on PSU. At idle, should be <10%/45W load per calculator.

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