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Is there any way to get Dolby 7.1 working without CUE??


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So I'm getting this annoying as **** background noise on 7.1 RGB VOID USB if I turn up the volume to >74%. I don't get it if I uninstall CUE app but then again I can't use Dolby without CUE. I'm pretty sure Corsair couldn't give less of a **** to actually fix the problem since there is a thread on this forum created back in Dec 2015 containing 2 pages dedicated specifically to this background noise issue without a single response from an official corsair employee (!!!)


This is probably going to get ignored but I'm mad as I should be because I paid money for this product and get ****all in return.

My old Razor Megalodon was much much louder than this piece of crap and there were 0 issues with background noise at higher volumes.

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