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Monitoring Power


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It is great that you can monitor the power of the PSU, but there does seem to be a flaw, in my eyes.


You don't have a quick view for the power being monitored, you have to go into the PSU to get the graph up, slightly annoying because I can't watch the rets of my system. But the worst problem for me, is that I can't log it.


There doesn't seem to be any way of making a log. I can log the voltages etc, so when I run stress tests I can see what's happening in that department, but there seems to be no way to log the actual power being used.


Any chance of having the Power in/out being used into a log file? I think people apart from me would find it useful. Since all the information is already there, I am sure the clever people at Corsair could knock that up in an hour.






PS The V4 is a vast improvement over V3

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