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Carbide Air 540, Asus Maximus VIII Formula and Coldzero Lightbox

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Hey guys. I had this idea a couple months ago when the Asus Maximus VIII Formula motherboard came out.


[ame=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=POXnjSK0lxk]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=POXnjSK0lxk[/ame] - (RGB color cycle video, sorry that it's verticle, shot from a Note 4 camera so bad quality)


This is just a preview of what I'm working on. I'm using the Asus Aura software to sync the colors of the motherboard and the lightbar. The color cycle of the lightbar rgb strips match perfectly with the motherboard. Also, I didn't put the lid to the lightbox on that makes it look all smooth because I wanted the grid look. The location of the RGB Header on the motherboard is just a couple inches away from where the lightbox LED strip wires come out.


I've still got to order the watercooling block for the hydro copper 980 ti's, so for now I've stuck a gtx 980 ti hybrid in it and using the h100i for the skylake cpu. Also I'm trying to figure out a way to sync the Thermaltake RGB Riing fans with the rest of the case. Once I get all that done, I'll post more videos.


If anyone is curious what comes with the RGB lightbox:


RGB Remote (you don't need this if you are plugged directly into an RGB Header on an Asus RGB motherboard)

12v Molex Connector Plug

RGB Control Box that goes in between your LED strip and the 12v Molex

Lightbox(3 parts; plexiglass, lid and box lined with the LED strip)


Here's a picture of it set to red:



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