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2100 Wireless Headphones no sound in WMP on W10


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Hello All,


As the title says, I get no sound from WMP through my 2100 headphones, the headphones produce sound when using browser based programs such as on Youtube and also works on the 'Films & TV' program and work through 'Groove Music'. My speakers produce sound when using WMP and my 2100 headphones used to work, but for some reason the headphones no longer work with WMP. I've installed the K-Lite 1205 codec pack. I've uninstalled the Corsair drivers and reinstalled 2.0.37, i've also tried another USB socket, but no joy.


I'm pretty old school so I like using WMP, but this is a real pain, I can't find any other threads with this specific issue, so any suggestions would be much appreciated.



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