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Keycap replacements?


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So I've had a Corsair Strafe RGB for 2 months. Last night my 'X' key popped off a couple times and on closer inspection I noticed a crack on the fitting. "No problem" I thought, just super-glued the crack and didn't give a second thought. Now today the 'D' key did the same and also had a crack, so it looks like it might be something I'll have to deal with a lot in the near future.


After a quick google search I found 2 things;

1. It's near impossible to buy spare key-cap sets to fit the Strafe due to the custom layout

2. Some users in Europe and the US received free replacement sets after mailing Corsair support about broken keycaps


The problem is I'm in South Africa where most manufacturers just give the option of "return to seller for RMA", seller makes us pay courier for RMA as well as courier for replacement, ending in 2 months without a keyboard...


Any chance of Corsair delivering a replacement set for someone in South Africa?


Edit: Apparently re*dit is a bad word

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