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RM650X upgrade advice please!


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Hi guys, I'm new here and hopefully looking to get some advice regarding a possible psu upgrade. I currently have a CXM series and would like to switch to a RMX. I understand that I would have to replace 24-pin, PCIe and EPS12V as they are a different type of cable (type 4). However would I be able to use keep my sata and peripheral cables in place, as I believe these are the same as the type 3 cables on my current psu? I've never switched over a psu myself before, so just want to be sure I know what I'm doing before I go ahead! Thanks!
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Hi RMX now installed and so far very happy with, it really is very quiet compared to my CMX. I have tried running a few benchmarks and it does't even get as noisy as my CMX when it was idle!


I just have a couple more questions I hope someone could clear up...


When I first powered on after installing the RMX I got a BIOS message saying 'over-clocking failed' My CPU has been over-clocked to 4.4ghz, I reset the computer and it powered up fine and now seems to be running okay. Idle CPU temp is around 30c (which is actually lower than the idle with CMX psu which was 35c) Playing Hitman on all high for an hour my CPU temp got to 59C. Should I be concerned about the BIOS message, or is there anything I should check?


I have a blu-ray drive that's power was connected to a four pin peripheral cable, but the cable had an additional type of connector than my RMX cables have I think its a floppy connector, and connected to this was a 2pin connector to the drive. How should I install power to the optical drive? I have attached a photo to show what I mean.




Sorry if these are very obvious questions, I'm rather new to this!


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