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Very Confused about AMD FX55 compatible memory


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Hi, I have purchased the ASUS A8V Deluxe motherboard, with AMD FX55...


But when selecting memory..I am very confused..


Initally I chose Corsair Value Select PC3200 1GB (2x512) Matched pair...


Later found out (on AMD's website), that AMD FX CPUs only compatible with 'registered' memories.


So I decided to use Cosair TwinX Reg-PC3200C2PT, which is registered (in description)....by the way, is Registered same as ECC and Buffered?? (#(#($*#$*#$%^&* CONFUSED...-_-"...


Now that I also noticed that the motherboard does not support 'registered' memories!!...The MOBO only supports un-ECC, un-Buffered (isn't Buffered=Registered?)....


Now I am utterly confused..and need your advice...-.-///


Thanks in advance!

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The "Type" of RAM a sytem requires depends on the Chipset of the MOBO.

The terms Buffered and Registered are basically the same.

ECC is different.

A module can be Registered ECC or Unbuffered ECC.

And of course unbuffered/non ECC.

That board does not support Registered or unbuffered ECC RAM.

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