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I have a H110i GT (firmware version 1.1.8) and I was wondering if anyone has the fan curve data for each profile. The Corsair Link Profile menu has options for 'performance', 'balanced', or 'quiet', but if you click on the fan speed, you can set it to 'default', 'custom', 'fixed %', etc.

What I really want to know is the difference between the 'default' and 'quiet' modes as the 'default' mode sets the fans at mid 500 RPM while the 'quiet' mode sets the fans at around 900 RPM at idle. So the 'default' mode is actually quieter than the 'quiet' mode, but what about the rest of the curve?

Are profiles set and stored onto the cooler itself? I have my Corsair Link software to not start up with Windows, but my profile selection still applies after a cold boot. And I also believe the setting applies before Windows even begins loading (not sure as my system boots quickly). The Corsair Link 4 service is also 'Stopped' since the software isn't running (unless there's another service that controls this that I'm unaware of).Which profile or curve does the cooler run when Corsair Link is not installed?

I ask because I'm trying to set up a good custom profile and also because I want to know if it's possible to configure the cooler to not run the fans at max speed upon initial power on of the system (using Ray's SIV, for example).

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