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Strange M65 firmware update


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Goodmorning everyone.


I own a mouse m65 rgb and k95 keyboard rgb


Today Corsair software offered me a firmware update for m65 mouse.


I had already


- latest firmware version 1.19


- latest bootloader version 0.23


The version 1.19 should be of 2015 right ?


why did this update today ?


it's normal ?


where can I find the firmwares updates change log/history for m65 mouse and keyboard k95 rgb ?


Ty in advance.

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there isnt a actual firmware change log just CUE change logs. i would just ignore it.



Thanks for the reply :):


Why CUE asked the M65 firmware update if it was already updated version 1.19 ?


is a regular firmaware checkup ?


It derives from some firmware/devices problem ?

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not sure could be a communication error between CUE and the device. who knows.




I tried searching on google but could not find anything.


Where can I find the firmware files of M65 ?


I want to force the update of the latest version of the firmware from file.


Thanks !

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The FW files are usually not available for a direct download, as Toasted mentioned you need to use CUE.


Sometimes Corsair posts specific files here on the forum to rollback to a previous one (like the issues with the Scimitar 2.01 FW), but those are just rare cases.

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