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Scimitar RGB - Corsair have the dimensions wrong!!


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I have spend the last couple of weeks trying to find a gaming mouse that's comfortable.


I tried the Corsair M65 RGB which I like but was too low.


I currently, for office work, use a Logitech MX Performance wireless mouse which fit perfectly and its measures 47mm high, so was looking for a similar height in a gaming mouse.


Anyway, to the point. Corsair state the following for the Scimitar:




119.4mm x 77mm x 48.8mm


48.8 is height, which I thought great, near enough to what I want. So I buy one and immediately think, this is not as high as it says. I measure it and its actually 43mm!!


So come on Corsair, what gives here.


Very frustrating as most shops have security which stops you opening the box so you have to rely on the manufacturers tech specs

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