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MSI R9 390X Watercooling Options


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I've been browsing through the forums for awhile now and decided to make an account since I haven't seen this question answered. This thread appears to answer that the HG10 A1 does not work with the MSI R9 390X as of October 2015.


I recently bought a R9 390X and having difficulty finding water cooling solutions. I have a h100i v2 on my CPU and really love the idea of a factory-closed loop solution for my GPU for convenience as well as cost.


My question is will we see a Cooling Adapter for the R9 390X in the near future from Corsair or should I look into building a custom loop? I'm a Corsair fanboy at heart, but the 70C temps on this GPU are not optimal for me.


Has anyone designed a custom loop for the R9 390X? If so, which water block/pump system did you use? I'm currently using my 240mm radiator slot for my CPU in the 600T case, but I would be willing to swap the CPU to a single radiator if I have to since I have no problems with those temps.


Thank you all for your time.

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Unfortunately, Corsair does not talk about unreleased/rumoured products.


If you want to keep it as simple as possible, using a expandable AIO cooler then adding a waterblock for the GPU will probably work fine as well.



Find a waterblock for your GPU;



EK Expandable AIO coolers


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