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This mesh grill cover thing doesnt stick [760T]


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It was loose out of the box so I lifted it off to try and re-sit it and attach it again properly but I can't seem to get it to stick.


The two tabs at the bottom of the grill are intact and slot in OK, but it doesn't seem to want to attach at the top. I saw the little claws on either side at the top and tried with them pushed in and out but it just doesn't attach.


Am i being dumb? :confused:



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I removed the front fascia and tried attaching the mesh grill onto it but it still would not stick. The bottom slots on the grill are in tact, but it looks like the top clips that hook into the open claws inside the case are not even there.


So am i right in thinking that I only require a new front mesh grill that has clips attached to it that will then be able to hook into the claws inside the case?


clips on mesh grill have been ripped off



open claw hooks inside the case are ok and still go in and out when pressed


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