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Corsair Link may cause skips in video


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ran Unigine Heaven. extreme tess, x8 anit-alias, Ultra quality. frame rate goes between 30 and 106 depending on where it was in the video. (GPU was 66 at end.) I think the problem may have been that I set the light to change from red to white at 60 CPU and it was bouncing off 60 cpu so it might have kept triggering it causing the skips, even at high framerate. unplug dongle and uninstall 2 Corsair pgms and no skips...



yes, when I first installed it it cranked up the fan plugged into the cpu fan socket, - overrides BIOS - how do they do that???? :eek: Even stays when pgms uninstalled... :eek::eek: Even in Linux. figured out to set it to "default" and all was well. :D:


EDIT: by the way, I think the fix to this would be easy: just lower the change temp to maybe 45 (which I think is what it comes with) or just uncheck "change".

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