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How to "level up" Corsair keyboards


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Corsair is currently in the "gamer" category with its keyboards. I would like to propose how they could also be in the "enthusiast" category as well. It basically amounts to more options. I would suggest that every high end keyboard come in different size variants. A full variant with numpad, a tenkeyless without numpad, an 80% with Fn keys, and a 60% without Fn keys like the famous Pok3r keyboards.


Then, I would change the key layout to be standard. I would also offer doubleshot ABS keycaps, PBT keycaps, and PBT+POM keycaps.

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Corsair already offers full variants (K95, K70, Strafe) and a tenkeyless (K65).


I don't see them offering anything like the Pok3r because that is such a niche market. The cost of designing one to try and get a slice of that already small pie probably doesn't make business sense.


Using a standard bottom row layout is a much requested feature, but I think they are more likely to offer their own keycaps than to change the layout at this point. They are actually already [THREAD=155919]gauging interest[/THREAD] in doubleshot keycaps currently!


But who knows, they might relent and switch to the standard bottom row. Personally, I prefer the Corsair bottom row to the "standard", because it makes the Ctrl key easier to hit (which I use a lot) and the Windows/super key harder to hit (which I use less). IMO, the real problem isn't the Corsair bottom row spacing; it is the lack of 1x6.5 spacebar availability. (And a lack of keycaps for backlit keyboards in general.)


If you are looking for a smaller "standard" keyboard, at this point, you might want to look at an existing product. When the RGB keyboards were first out, no one else offered a RGB mechanical keyboard. But now there are a lot of options that might suit your needs.


I picked up my K95 RGB because to this day, no one else makes a RGB mechanical keyboard with as many extra programmable "G" keys, and I've become addicted to them. For me, it is worth dealing with the limited keycap availability.

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