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[BUG] CUE Macros Do Not Work in v1.15.36


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Since updating to version 1.15.36 none of my macros will work anymore!


I had a double-click macro for an MMO I play, and it no longer works. As it's such a simply macro, I deleted it and remade it, but it still does not work. I've tested it outside the game, with that profile selected, and nothing.


This is not the first time I've had to re-write entire macro's, re-create lighting profiles or faff about for hours on end after an update!


Please, provide an option to disable automatic update checks!! I'm fed up of being nagged to update everytime I log onto my PC, I update just to stop these annoying messages then have to spend ages fixing things. :(


Also, while we're on the topic of actions and macros, why can I not click a key and assign an action? The only options are to 'create new'. :\ Then I end up with countless duplicate actions everywhere.

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