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3200C2 and Shuttle SN85G4 incompatible?


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i have a big problem with my new memory.


i still have one xms3200C2 V1.2 with 512MB.

now i bought a second. this was a xms3200C2 V3.1 with 512MB.


The memory didn´t work in my Shuttle but the old run´s fine.

i also made a bios update -- no effect.


i changed the memory in a xms3200C2 V5.1. just the new one didn´t make a function.


both memories work in an other machine.


can anybody help me?





sorry for my bad english, i´m from germany ;)

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I have the same problem... only with the Shuttle SN95G5, My 2x512 of XMS-3200C2 will only work one stick at a time. I do know that the 2 sticks of 512 are the same model but not the same versions, but they did run dual channel just fine in an abit board. I have heard that shuttles are a bit more touchy with their memory. Ram Guy.. Could you confim that this would be the same issue with my SN95G5? Cause what are the odds that the Dimm2 slot is faulty.. :o: And maybe what I should then get to replace it?


Thanks a bunch!



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