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Backlight problem on K30


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Hi there everyone.

I apologize in advance for any spelling mistakes that might be there, English is not my main language.


Anyway, I've purchased a Corasair K30 keyboard on Amazon 2 weeks ago, here's the exact link:



The keyboard have been plugged on both front and back usb plugs, I'm pretty sure I've tried USB 2.0 and 3.0 (not at home right now). The red backlight doesn't seem to work. However, the media, macro and sound keys work just fine. I've downloaded the managing program but could find anything linked to backlighting except for changing it's intensity : off/33%/66%/100%


Any tips for that ? :)

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  • Corsair Employees

You mentioned that pressing the brightness button works, does that mean the LED on the keys turn on? It's extremely rare for the all of they keys on the KB to all go out at once, that's why I wanted you to check the brightness button.


By default, all the keys are suppose to be lit even without the software. If this issue happens on another system as well, you may very well have a faulty unit. Go ahead and submit a RMA to have this unit exchanged out.

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