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Hi i just want to share my profile for "The Divsion".

The keyboard layout is for german keyboards with QWERTZ.


The default keys of divsion are highlighted in different colors.

Orange: Movement

Green: Weapons, Grenade, Reload, Zoom, Mark

Red/Violett: Skills, Medipack / Ultimate

Cyan: Use, Group Members, Map

White: Skill Menus, Enter


For use of some special Items (Water, Fire Ammo..) and selection of grenades i add two additional profile modes which will highlight

the keys 1-6 while pressing Alt or Ctrl.


I also added some additional Hotkeys:

F12 will open the Uplay Menu inside the game (hotkey for Shift + F2)

WinKey (right only) will Alt Tab out of the game (even in keylock mode)


For automatic profile switching the path to "TheDivision.exe" should be changed to the location where you have installed the game.





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