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Corsaid Link totally mismanages fans

Arizona Willie

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I have an ASUS P9X79 Deluxe and a Corsair H80iGT cooler on an Intel I-7 3930K processor.


It constantly makes my fans go to 100%.


I have set them to do that but only when they get to 70 degrees C.

Had to set them that high to keep them from running all the time.


Tried various profiles but it still makes the fans come on quite often.


When I stop Corsair LInk from running and use ASUS's ASII Suiite it is much quieter than when Link is running.


Fans seem to only start when CPU temp goes over 50C ... well I should say go up to 100% because they are actually running all the time. But they only get loud when CPU temp is 50C or more.


Link software seems to suck. At least for this motherboard.


I'm runnng the latest version of Link and, sadly, when I downloaded the latest I deleted the previous versions which worked better than this last version.


I have a Corsair SSD drive ( an early one ) I use for games and the Link software doesn't recognize any temps or other info from that drive.

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When I stop Corsair LInk from running and use ASUS's ASII Suiite it is much quieter than when Link is running.


The H80i GT radiator fans can only be affected by our Link software IF they are plugged into the Y-cable from the H80i GT pump or Commander Mini. If your radiator fans are affected by changes made in the AI Suite, it is my understanding then that the radiator fans are plugged into your motherboard fan headers instead. If this is correct, then changing the profiles within Link will not affect the radiator fan speeds.

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AI Suite II shouldn't be able to control the fans connected directly to the cooler.

So i'm not sure what's happening there.


If you want to use AI Suite II rather than the LINK Software, you will want to plug the fans into the motherboard fan headers.

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I'm afraid I wasn't very clear. My eyeteeth couldn't see what I was typing. :(


With the Link software it kept the fans running all the time unless I set them for 70C.


Made the computer extremely noisy.


And, I have a Corsair SSD ( an old one ) that I put games on and the Link software does not recognize it properly and says it is 30C and 1C ... gives two temps for it and I'm pretty sure it isn't 1 degree C or there would be ice inside the computer.


When I don't run the Link software just run the computer naked with no monitoring it runs much much quieter.


With the Asus Suite II sofware it is showing fan speeds but they are case fans except for the computer fan which is probably reading the H80i GT. That software I know is out of date because parts of it don't even work under Windows 10 at all and ASUS isn't going to update it. They just want us to buy another motherboard. Which I will undoubtedly have to do fairly soon but I'm hoping to hold out for new processors.


Today I started getting low / no voltage warnings apparently from the BIOS ( UEFI or whatever the new name is ) because I'm not running any monitoring software right now.


I originally posted because I don't think the Link software should be making the fans run so fast and loud especially when the computer is just idling and almost no programs are running other than background stuff.

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You will want to make sure the fans are grouped to a suitable temperature device e.g. the H80iGT Temp if it isn't grouped to anything.


Have you tried the default profiles e.g. Quiet/Balanced/Performance Modes? or a fixed RPM or %? Does the LINK software change the fan speeds?


For the low/no voltage warnings, you will want to check if the PSU is still working correctly.

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