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I was advised by Corsair Tech support that I can directly control both the fans and the LEDs through the PWM ports on the commander mini.


Is this true? I see nothing that indicates that here or in the manuals.


I am about to place an order because I want to control the RGB on the Airflows and I see it only has one RGB port.


I have seen the solution of making a splitter, which I am not adverse to, however I am disappointed that there is not a second led port to control led strips, so what ever I fabricate will only allow everything to be the same color.


I know the solution is to spend $60 on a mini, then $30 on a lighting node, and another $5 on a wiring kit, but really, cmon....

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Unfortunately, that is the way it seems to be. The Dominator Airflow LED cable isn't very long either, which serves up some disappointment. However, yes - you can definitely hook it up to an LED channel on either the Lighting Node (which apparently isn't for sale anymore), Commander Mini, and the lighting kit. But beware - it doesn't pass through unless you have a splicing cable (only serves as the end of a serial connection).
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