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RMA time?


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about 60 days ago I purchased twinx CMX256A-3200LLPT XMS3205v2.1 which I added to the two sticks I already had in my intel MB with 800Mhz FSB 3.0 P4 1meg cash version and have since had freezes and full boot failures. Changed slots on the two pairs and problem the same. Removed the first pair (known working) and put the new memory in those slots to eliminate the slots as the problem..no change..still freezes from time to time. Memory Test show no error but the problem follows the two new sticks of mem I purchased. Thinking I may be at the RMA part of this deal but will standby for instructions on how to procede


Purchased from Zipzoomfly.com (over 30 days ago) :[pouts:

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