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230T front USB ports


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Hey, just curious if anyone else thinks the USB ports on the front of the 230T case feel flimsy? I have the C70 Vengeance Military Green and the 230T Orange cases and the C70 front USB ports feel sturdy, but not the 230T.


I'm pretty sure the problem is simply the orientation of the USB ports. On the C70 the USB ports are vertical, which is inherently stronger for a USB port. For some reason on the 230T, Corsair chose to make the USB ports horizontal, which makes them much much weaker. I don't feel safe plugging in an Xbox 360 controller for PC on the front of the 230T, because I can feel the USB port wiggle up and down and I'm worried it will degrade and eventually fail. On the C70 with vertical ports there's no problem plugging anything into the USB ports.


Corsair, please take note and if you ever revise the 230T series, please make all USB ports vertical - it's much, much stronger.

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