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Hello all,


Ever since I updated my CUE software version the other day, I have been having issues with CUE and my mouse. After installing the latest software version about two days ago and booting up my computer the next day, I noticed my mouse profile did not activate. When I opened CUE, the "Profiles" tab was greyed out. I tried restarting CUE a few times as well as my PC, but eventually CUE would no longer open. It would show as running in task manager, but didn't actually open.


Last night, I removed CUE and reinstalled it and that seemed to fix my problem. However, today I started up my computer and my profile did not load again and the "Profiles" tab in CUE is greyed out again.


Anyone have any insight to this issue?


Thanks in advance.

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im having the exact same issue. if i exit CUE, restart computer, i even un installed 3 times. profiles is grey'd out. and in any game my keybinds on mouse do not work. to bad call support is only on weekdays. 2 day response on email business days too...sigh..
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